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Costa Rica


Enjoy Costa Rica!

Wild Coast Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a tropical country, between two oceans with intricate geography; despite its dimensions it is characterized by various microclimates, when travelling you will go from the warm and dusty plains to the cool and luxuriant rainforests, in a very short time. 

The summer season is from December to April, winter season from May to November.  During winter the mornings are usually warm, and sunny until lunch time, in the afternoon a couple of hours of rain and again clear sky at dinner. During summer the days are usually sunny with scattered showers. Despite this difference between the two seasons you can come to Costa Rica all year round, except for September and October when tropical storms hit the country with atmospheric disturbances that can last a few days at the time. 


The national currency is the Colon, in honor of Christopher Columbus. Local banks are qualified to exchange euro, but it is not convenient. It is much better to use American dollars.  Most credit cards are accepted, and at local banks and in many touristic resorts you find ATM machines.


In spite of its dimensions, and being a developing country, Costa Rica has one of the highest developed structures in public health care of Latin America. The health care situation is far better than other countries of Central America. Medical and hospital services are pretty good but very expensive in private structures. In case of an emergency, foreigners can only go to private structures, but have to present a credit card as a guarantee for the future medical expenses. It is always a good idea to bring along commonly used medications and first aid items.


The official language is Spanish but English is widely used.


Upon Entry you into Costa Rica your passport must be valid for at least another six months.   It is possible to stay in Costa Rica without a Visa for a maximum of 90 days.

If your flight stops in the United States you must have an optical scanner passport and the ESTA form (we suggest you to ask the competent authority of your city for more information)

During your stay in Costa Rica we suggest you keep your documents in a safe and to take along only a photocopy.

Before leaving, directly at the airport, you have to pay a tax of 27 USD.


No vaccinations needed


Wild Coast Costa Rica recommends its customers to be covered by appropriated life, accident and medical insurance.


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